07/20/2013 (12:00 am)

How To Best Prepare For Your State’s Bar Exam.

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Around the country, over 50,000 law students are preparing to take a state bar exam. For many of these students, the process of studying for a state bar exam can be grueling. There are some easy ways to make the process as stress-free as possible.

First, students may wish to sign up for one of the commercialized bar exam prep courses. These courses can provide a law student with the structure that he or she needs to have an effective study schedule in the upcoming months. Other students who are unable to afford a commercialized [»]

05/21/2013 (12:00 am)

Choosing The Right Practice Once You Are Out.

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When you are fresh out of law school, you will find that you are thrown into a sea of challenges. Life isn’t easy for a law student, and it is far from easy for a young lawyer who is trying to find their feet in what is turning into a very competitive field. However, you will discover that you do have some choices to make when you are figuring out where you need to practice.

First, one of the best pieces of advice that you can receive [»]

03/22/2013 (12:00 am)

Are Law School Costs Really Worth It In The End?

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Much has been written about law school, as authors have tackled topics surrounding its value. Is law school worth the extraordinary financial cost? In many cases, students spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on law school, and the job market cannot support all new law graduates. Whether law school is worth the cost is a question that must be answered on an individual basis, taking into account individual factors.

The first question that a person should consider is about commitment level. In today’s legal world, a person might have to work [»]

01/31/2012 (12:00 am)

Law School Considerations

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Studying law is a big commitment whether you’re right out of undergrad or buying a home for your family and looking into South Gate Home Security . Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re about to take on law school:
It’s a time commitment: If you’re planning on signing up for school think about your other time commitments. A job is hard as is holding down family life – think about that before you sign up for classes.
You better like reading: Law school is all about reading – law book after law book after law book. You’re going to spend lots of money and time highlighting in books you hope to never see again so plan on spending a lot of hours learning to be a bookworm.
It’s not an instant job: Law jobs are harder and harder to come by, particularly for new grads. Don’t think having a law degree makes you totally hirable – you’re going to need internships and experience at law firms locally to even think about landing anything right out of school.

08/10/2011 (12:00 am)

How To Defend Your Clients Well.

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It is important to be able to defend your clients well. Lawyers need to understand that passing the BAR exam does not mean that they need to stop studying law. To properly defend your clients, you need to stay as educated as possible and read up on a variety of legal opinions and decisions that have been published. Every day new laws are being added to the books. In court rooms all across the country, cases are being [»]

08/09/2011 (12:00 am)

Is Being A Lawyer The Best Career Choice To Follow?

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Lawyers are not the best career choice for most people. Some people do not know all that is involved in becoming a lawyer before they do. If you want to know if that is the right career choice for you, you must first evaluate your self. If you feel that you are a hard working individual who can do a lot of writing, and handle a lot of work, then it will be the perfect choice for you. Lawyers work long hours, under a lot of pressure. There are [»]

08/05/2011 (12:00 am)

When To Take The Bar – Should I Wait?

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The bar exam is a big thing for those who wish to be a lawyer. Here are things that you might wonder. One of the things that many question is when exactly they should take the bar exam. Some wonder if they should wait or not. Here, you can find the best answer to that question.

To answer the question, there are a few things you might already know. For instant, you need to be sure that [»]

08/02/2011 (12:00 am)

Why Choose Law School With So Many Lawyers.

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It may seem that the legal field is saturated with so many lawyers that going to law school would not be a good option for you. You may frequently ask yourself “Why choose law school with so many lawyers?”

Although the world has many lawyers, there is still plenty of room for more. As crime rates are rising, homes are being bought and sold, and divorces are increasing, the need for men and women of law is rising. There will [»]